What is Changing?

The DNA of M. luteus can be modified to produce the enzyme soluble methane monooxygenase and the CO2 fixing organelles: carboxysomes.


Costa J.R.  Genome Editing Using Engineered Nucleases and Their Use in Genomic Screening. NCBI. November 2017. Retrieved March 27 2019 from 


Crispr Cas9 is a relatively new piece genetic engineering sparking some excitement in the science world which allows a gene to be targeted and then altered.

There are two components: the Cas9 enzyme and a specialized piece of the guide RNA. The Cas9 enzyme creates a CRISPR complex to attach itself to the DNA.

This complex identifies the target DNA sequence and begins to unzip the DNA. After it’s unzipped, it cuts the DNA at a specific area in the genome called double strand breaks.

This allows for the  sequence of interest to be inserted into the target DNA thus genetically modifying it

Through the use of this technology, we will be able to genetically modify the DNA of M. luteus and make it express characteristics which we would like it to.
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