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MICRONeedle Graphene patch 

Cancer BAN-R will achieve blood cell count detection and enhanced drug delivery through the use of microneedle graphene patches​

  1. Development of 3D Graphene conformations that allow for increased surface area ​

  2. Stronger spectroscopy for deeper penetration depth of light

  3. Reduced computer chip thickness from the current thickness of 1 mm

  4. Processing of all information internally on patch

Here's The Future

Graphene patch

A gold-doped graphene patch helps to enhance electrical signals between the thermal patch and the graphene layer.

A lens and two illuminators allow for a non-flowing laser scattering method. The illuminators are used to find blood vessels and the lens processor is used to calculate blood cell count.

The thermal patch responds to signalling from the lens and illuminators to heat up the microneedles, stimulating microneedle degeneration.

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