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What is the impact of Cancer BAN-R on therapy?


Cancer BAN-R is a low maintenance device and will reduce recovery time for cancer patients.

What type of treatment is Cancer BAN-R?

Cancer BAN-R will act as a chemo complement to alleviate detrimental side effects of chemoradiation. 

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How accessible is Cancer BAN-R?

Cancer BAN-R can be purchased from a local drugstore or pharmacy, with proper prescription!


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Will Cancer BAN-R be used by all clinics and hospitals?

We hypothesize that Cancer BAN-R will emerge as a positive asset to therapies in clinics, offices, and hospitals.  

Are there any risks associated with Cancer BAN-R?

Unlikely, because Cancer BAN-R controls release of growth factors, with no occurrence of bacteria or fungal infections


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What are the costs associated with Cancer BAN-R?

Mass production of high-quality graphene covered with gold may be expensive with current manufacturing technology

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