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The Problem

The Opioid Epidemic

overdose graphs.jpeg

Opioid overdose
deaths in the US


suffered from an opioid
use disorder in 2020


cause of death among
18-45 year-olds in the US


have died from opioid overdose over the past decade


of people who needed treatment received it in 2017

Limited treatment modalities continue to be a significant barrier in the mitigation of opioid use disorder


Limitations of Present Technology

Methadone, Buprenorphine, Naltrexone

Synthetic opioid agonists that bind to opioid receptors and alleviate withdrawal symptoms, prevent drug cravings, and blunt the effects of other opioids


  • Inherent risk of abuse

  • Undesired side effects

  • Low patient compliance

  • Lack of accessibility

  • Daily clinic visits required


Opioid overdose-reversal medication, restores normal breathing by binding to opioid receptors and reversing the effects of other opioids in the brain


  • Undesirable withdrawal symptoms

  • Must be administered rapidly

  • Often unavailable or administered too late

50% of people on current treatment medications relapse within just

6 months

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