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Overcome Opioid Addiction

By preventing users from experiencing the physiological effects of opioid use such as euphoria, the vaccine helps those with opioid use disorder overcome their addiction and prevents relapse.

Protect Against Overdose

Since the vaccine prevents opioid molecules from
reaching the brain, it protects users from
opioid-induced respiratory depression, the primary
cause of overdose deaths. One significant benefit of our vaccine over naloxone in that the vaccine provides preemptive protection, whereas naloxone is reactive and often administered too late.

Solve Low Compliance

Because the vaccine carries no risk of abuse, has a long duration of action, and requires no clinical intervention, it is more accessible for people
and solves for the low compliance and retention rates in current treatment programs.

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Our vaccine offers an effective, accessible, and long-lasting treatment option for people recovering from opioid use disorder.

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