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Hi there, we're the BioBot Team.

You may have seen ocean cleanup devices before, but we've taken it to the next level.

Merging science and advanced technology, we have created a device that actually converts ocean pollution into carbohydrates and micro-nutrients that will nourish the ocean.  


Introducing the BioBot!

BioBot Prototype - physical

BioBot Prototype - digital

Gradient Ocean
BioBot Commercial

The BioBot Solution 

Scientists have long discovered plastic-eating enzymes, however, they worked very slowly. With advanced technology, we have been able to harness their power and create 'super enzymes' that will consume plastic at the rate at which we are producing it. 

Similar to existing ocean-cleaners, the BioBot will collect oceanic trash.  Trash is stored inside a bucket where it waits to be eaten.  That's where the magic happens.

After consumption, the enzymes excrete nutrient-dense carbohydrates into the ocean as a byproduct.  The garbage has been transformed into something that will help replenish ocean life. 

BioBot Sketch.png

Highly Efficient

After a Biobot is set into motion, no human interference is required. No need to collect the trash, sort it, or transport it to any facility. 


Limitations of existing devices



Current technology has only allowed us to create devices that will remove plastic from the ocean. While this is helpful, it does not solve the plastic problem.  The plastic still exists and needs to be dealt with after it's collected. 

Sorted plastic often gets sent to landfills or could even end up back in the ocean!

Our super enzyme attacks the problem by transforming plastic into ocean-feeding nutrients.  Cleaning and nourishing to restore oceanic life can completely reverse the damage we have done with our overuse of plastic.


The top 10% of the world's polluting rivers contribute to 90% of the world's oceanic pollution. With the BioBot, we are confident we can reverse this tragedy that we've brought upon ourselves.

   Team BioBot

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