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Virtual model of the
Replenishanator in action

Prototype & Technology: Video

Technology Breakthroughs

1. Smart Seedling Pod
2. Drone Attachment and Modifications
3.  Smart Seedling Distributor

Prototype & Technology: Text

AR Merge Cube Model of the Replenishanator

Prototype & Technology: Video

Drone Attachment and Modifications

We created a design of the pressurized seed distributor using 3D modeling software called Fusion 360, and the 3D models are presented below. The seedling distributor is designed to provide enough pressure to plant the seedlings into the ground safely, and it has to be small enough to fit on the drone. We also provide a 3D model of the drone above and a video of the Replenishanator in action.

Prototype & Technology: Image

Smart Seedling Distributer

Safety First

Safety Features

The Seedling Distributor has sensors that can tell if there is a person or an animal to make sure the land is clear before it deploys the seeds. The Storage compartment will have a sensor that will only let through smart seedlings and not anything else

Pressure Amount

We need the right amount of pressure  from the Seedling Distibutor, for the pod to go into the soil but not damage the plant.

Seed Storage Compartment

The storage compartment will be filled with Smart seedlings and be transparent so people can see what is inside the Smart Seedling Distributor so it not thought to be harmful or dangerous.

Prototype & Technology: List

Smart Seedling Pod

Improved Design for Success


Compostable Pod

Other seedling technologies have used biodegradable pods. We chose compostable over biodegradable, so that pods will be made of all organic matter fertilizing the seedlings when they break down.

Image by Edho Pratama

Better Pod design

The Smart Seedling Pod is strong enough withstand the pressure from being shot from the pressurized distributor until it gets to its planting point. The design of the pod is bullet-shaped so that it can get to fast enough speeds to puncture the ground. More weight is placed at the base of the Pod to ensure correct delivery.

Image by Noah Buscher

Improved Survival Rate

The pod technology is designed for the smart seedling to thrive once planted as it is a mixture of fertilizer and dirt which will provide the smart seedling all the nutrients they need to grow. This will help improve survival rates of the seedlings.

Prototype & Technology: Products
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