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In a Nutshell

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Deforestation remains a major problem in the world today.  This project will help with deforestation using technology to improve the replanting process.

Our solution is the Replenishanator. The Replenishanator utilizes a modified drone, which includes a pressurized seed distributor to carry our newly designed smart seedling, in remote locations for planting to help reforest the planet. The smart seedlings will be encapsulated in a pod made of compostable materials, which will contain everything needed to optimize the seedling’s ability to be successfully planted. We will also conduct research on efficient planting techniques, including the distance of the drone from the land and the amount of pressure needed to safely plant the seedlings. It will also have sensors to measure air and land quality, and conduct an experiment to determine the impact of microplastics in terrestrial areas. By helping with deforestation, we will be helping the environment and addressing climate change.

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