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The Fungi Plastivore Purifier (FPP) is an environmentally friendly hover machine that locates and dissolves plastic particles in contaminated soil. 

Our new technology uses microencapsulation. These cone shape microcapsules, Pestalotiopsis microspora Environment (PmE) will be manufactured using a 5D printer with hemp filament.

These are spores that will be placed into a soaked rye seed.


Rye Seed

Pestalotiopsis Microspora

Fungi Plastivore Purifier


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Inside view of Pestalotiopsis microspora Environment (PmE) placed in soil with plastic over a period of time.

The PmE capsule is released to an area where plastic is detected.

Next, the capsule begins to expand as the Pestalotiopsis microspora has heat and moisture.

Then the spore grows a webbing of thin threads of hyphae as it expands through the PmE.

Finally, the mycelium breaks down plastic particles, and absorbs nutrients for it to grow.  

A mobile application (App) will be connected to the system to get up to the minute updates on each unit.

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