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  • It takes the plastic out to the soil in a natural way using few natural resources, leaving a very healthy environment for people, plants and wildlife.

  • PmE capsules could be used by individuals that wanted to degrade their plastic waste into compost.

  • FPP removes plastic particles in soil before they can enter a waterway. 

  • Instead of using wheels, this machine hovers therefore, it does not disturb the land around it.

  • The batteries have certain chemicals that are toxic if not recycled properly. 

  • Solar cells, LIDAR and GPS use certain materials that are expensive. 

  • FPP might not work in all soils or climates.

  • Sound and motion from the FPP may scare wildlife or people that don’t know about this technology. 

  • FPP’s size allow it to be stowed in a warehouse and transported easily around the world. 

  • FPP is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t release any dangerous chemicals when being used. Hemp plants use phytoremediation to help clean soils and doesn’t use a lot of water before we harvest it for our capsules. 

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