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Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem!

People often associate plastic contaminating water but don’t commonly think about plastic pollution in the soil, which researchers estimate at 4 to 23 times higher depending on the environment. Polyurethane is hazardous as it breaks down in soil. Contaminated soil used to grow crops is entering into our food supply, affecting our health.

 Fungi Plastivore Purifier (FPP), uses advanced LIDAR technology for detecting plastic in areas and harnessing solar energy as it hovers so it won’t damage or destroy an environment. FPP stores 5D printed hemp capsules filled with Pestalotiopsis microspora (PM). Then, using a compression system to insert capsules into the ground, FPP releases capsules at the correct GPS coordinates and soil depth to degrade polyurethane, turning it into organic matter. FPP cleans and purifies our soil, leading to healthier food and water ecosystems while preventing serious illnesses in an environmentally safe way.

Before FPP


After FPP

  1. Cleaner soil

  2. Food grown in plastic free soil

  3. Better carbon sequestration

  4. Water has fewer contaminants

  5. Natural habitats restored

  6. Underground organisms recover

  7. More eco-friendly urban neighborhoods

  8. FPP creates a healthier planet

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