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Lykosa: A Cell-Specific Cancer Therapy

Giving Pancreatic Cancer Patients a New Chance At Life


The Problem

Despite numerous therapy options, pancreatic cancer patients face one of the highest mortality rates. A more effective treatment is needed.

Lack of Specificity

Many procedures rely on "spray and pray" methods which fail to eliminate all cancer cells, leading to higher relapse and lower survival rates. 

High Risk Procedures

Due to the location of the pancreas, many procedures such as surgery and radiation therapy risk affecting surrounding blood vessels and organs.

Severe Side Effects

Current therapies fail to only target cancer cells, leading to severe side effects.

Lack of Early Detection

Many cases go undetected until late stages, reducing the efficacy of current treatments.


The Numbers That Affect Us



 Median Survival Time


Death Increase by 2025


Annual Global Deaths


5 Year Mortality Rate


Deadliest Cancer


The History of Liposomology

Liposomology, a branch of synthetic biology, is the primary technology used for Lykosa. While this field is only thirty years old, the technology is promising and holds great potential.

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