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Spacecraft in Orbit



New Frontier

    The current prices for launching rockets are astronomically high and the methods emit large amounts of greenhouse gases. The proposed technology, the Mag-Launcher, is an innovative, reusable electromagnetic repulsion system designed to reduce the cost of launching rockets and advance space exploration while causing minimal harm to the environment. Rather than using fuel to create thrust, the Mag-Launcher relies on electromagnets to accelerate a rocket to high speeds. Since the Mag-Launcher utilizes a torus-shaped structure, similar to a particle accelerator, to send cargo into space, the rocket has an infinite distance to travel before launch. Once the desired speed is reached, the rocket will disconnect from the system and propel into the air. By replacing the need for a first-stage booster, fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced dramatically. Therefore, the Mag-Launcher will provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method to transport cargo into space.

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