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A new way to save lives

More than five million people die every year from dirty water related illnesses or diseases. Globally, the second leading cause of death for children under 5 is diarrhea and 88% of deaths from diarrhea are caused by drinking unsafe water. Our Coagulation Filtration System filters unsafe water, making it safe to drink. Providing safe water saves many, many lives by preventing diseases caused by unsafe drinking water. We hope to keep many people safe from diseases and illness found in water.

Our Coagulation Filtration System is a water filtration system that filters, coagulates, flocculates, and sediments water in an environmentally friendly, efficient way.  

The Coagulation Filtration System works using 4 filtration processes:  

  1.  Ideonella Sakaiensis eats the microplastics in the water.  

  2. The water goes through a coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation process using an organic coagulant.  

  3. The water is filtered, catching flocs of solid waste and impurities which can be used as fertilizer.  

  4. Chlorine powder is added to disinfect the water.  

Finally, you are left with completely safe drinking water.  

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