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Bypass Image:

“Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.” Cardiovascular Surgery, Lifespan,

Types of heart disease image:


Stent Image: 

Angioplasty with Stent Placement.

CT SCAN Image:

Editorial Team, MD. Chest CT Scan for Lung Cancer Pros and Cons, Medical Dialogues, 22 Aug. 2021,

Electromagnetic Waves:

Electromagnetic Wave (Light Wave) vs. Mechanical Wave, Webb Space Telescope, 2 July 2021,

CC Bot, Artery illustrations, and  biosensor animation  created by CC Bot team.


Statistics for problem statement:

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Present Technology:

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Kidney Wearable:

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Ultrasound Image: 

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How The Computer Works: The CPU and Memory,

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Powering the Robot:

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Pollution Wearable

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Image -



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Web Image of Stent

Web Image of Heart


Bing, Microsoft,

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