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Our nanobot will determine if the arteries are clogged using ultrasound technology.  The ultrasound will use sound waves to create a “map” of the artery.  These sound waves will move throughout the artery until they reflect off of plaque.  The reflected sound waves will return back to the receiver.  The imaging produced will show where blockages are and the process of plaque removal will be triggered within the bot.

Once plaque is detected in the artery, the nanobot will begin the process of its removal.  In the plaque, there is an SHP-1 pathway that prevents the macrophages from eating it.  The nanobot will insert an SHP-1 inhibitor medication designed by Michigan State and Stanford Universities into the plaque.  The SHP-1 Inhibitor will block this SHP-1 signaling pathway, thereby allowing the macrophages to consume the plaque.  

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