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Present Technologies


The most common technologies used for screening heart disease are blood tests, x-rays, and CT scans.  They are used to examine the heart and check for any signs of plaque buildup. Coronary angiograms scan any blockages throughout the arteries. 

Medical Procedures to address the disease:

Doctors can perform procedures to help manage coronary disease. Doctors perform angioplasty, the placing of a stent in an artery, to open the artery and prevent it from narrowing. Doctors also conduct bypass surgery to redirect the blood flow from the blocked area.

CT SCAN          

Stent                              Bypass

Blood Tests

blood test.webp

There are some non-medical techniques that can be used to prevent heart blockages.  These techniques include dieting and exercising.  A present technology limitation is early detection.  There isn't a reliable cure or detection method, and many people don't know they have CHD until it's too late.

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