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Photosynthesizing the Future

Adaptable, carbon-neutral artificial photosynthesis technology that harnesses the power of nature's greatest chemical reaction 

What is Artificial Photosynthesis?

Artificial photosynthesis technology allows for the synthesis of solar fuels (hydrocarbons) from water, carbon dioxide, and lightThe solar fuels can then be refined into gasoline, plastics, and other forms of fuel, creating a carbon-neutral fuel industry.


Artificial photosynthesis provides a reliable, sustainable, and environmentally conscious solution to the energy and climate crisis. Using new emissions captured from power plants (as well as existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere), along with sunlight and freshwater, a carbon-neutral source of fuel is produced that could be used today in the existing global energy infrastructure.


We have proposed the first-ever all-in-one artificial photosynthesis apparatus, which can photohydrolyze water with existing artificial leaf catalytic technology, capture the resulting hydrogen gas, and recombine it with carbon dioxide in the presence of another catalyst to form hydrocarbons such as methane and ethanol. 


The apparatus could be purchased by private families, corporations, the government, and everyone in between. 


The apparatus could be implemented in a private home, at power stations, on a solar fuel farm, or anywhere else where the necessary resources are available.

Learn More

See our diagram and prototype at left, read the full proposal at right,

or watch our video below.

*Correction - 1:39 should say "hydrogen gas," not "oxygen gas."

Watch our video to learn more about our prototype and the processes that power it. 

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