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3D PhotoPRINThesizer (2).png
Untitled drawing (2).png

3D PhotoPRINThesizer Model

  1. Light Absorber - absorbs a wide range of wavelengths of light to get energy

  2. Material Absorber - captures CO₂ and H₂O from the atmosphere, which is necessary for generating polyethylene

  3. Monomer Synthesizer - takes the collected resources from the material absorber and converts them into ethylene

  4. Polymer Engine - polymerizes ethylene into polyethylene to make feedstock for construction

  5. Printer Component - gantry moves vertically and horizontally along the tracks to print the house layer by layer

  6. Transport Mechanism - with omni directional wheels, houses can be printed anywhere on the construction site and the device can be collapsed to fit in a shipping container







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