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Interactive 3-D Prototype

S.O.U.L.S. App

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Our Product

Created on SketchUp and rendered on SketchFab

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After beginning to run, the shoes use microsensors built into the air cushion surfaces to detect foot placement, weight distribution, stride length, and running form.

Based on input received from microsensors, the carbon fiber plates will move in sync with the runner to move the cushions and provide optimal support.

When not in use, the shoes will release or take in air using suction according to the support needed in each section of each shoe.


The shoes require charging between uses (Charging cord comes with shoes)

The sensors will report findings and adjustments made to S.O.U.L.S. App.


What's New?
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The app will provide suggestions on improving form and preventing injuries as well as give you a full report of your running statistics.


Advanced Microsensors

Our microsensors are smarter, faster, and smaller than ever, being able to collect, interpret, and convert data to motion in real time as well as fit        in the cushions without   causing discomfort.

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