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What is C.A.R.D?


           The Creosote and Ash Removal Device (C.A.R.D.) is a robot used to remove creosote from a building's chimney lining. C.A.R.D. scrubs and vacuums creosote into a separate container for safe disposal. Using technology from both robotic pool cleaners and vacuum cleaners, C.A.R.D. will work by climbing chimney walls using wheels whose tread mimics gecko feet. C.A.R.D will use three wire brushes to scrub acid treated creosote from the chimney walls.

          Creosote is a toxic substance that is released in smoke from burning wood; it is also a dangerous cause of chimney fires because of its flammability. By having chimneys remotely cleaned, C.A.R.D. makes the process safer and easier for everyone involved.


          The Creosote and Ash Removal Device or C.A.R.D. is a compact robot designed to remove dangerous creosote from chimney lining. C.A.R.D. was designed to be an easier and safer way to clean chimneys.

          It is important  to regularly clean your chimney because a build up of creosote poses many dangers to residents. In the United States, 25,000 chimney fires occur resulting in over $125 million dollars worth of property damage annually. Creosote is also highly toxic and a known carcinogen. It is linked to many health issues including liver and kidney disease as well as: seizures, burning sensations in the mouth and throat, mental disarray, and death. 

          C.A.R.D. works using two rubber wheels with treads that mimic gecko toe pads that help the device climb. The wheels have 3D printed fibers so small that, like geckos’, these fibers use something called Van der Waals Force to climb vertically. C.A.R.D. scrubs the creosote away with three cupped wire brushes positioned at the front of the device. The debris is sucked through a hose using a low pressure zone created by a fan attached to the vacuum pouch. Navigating using embedded code, C.A.R.D. is able to completely clean one’s chimney without assistance. 

          C.A.R.D. is important because it will save homes and lives by reducing the risk of chimney fires and health issues caused by creosote. 

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