• The cochlear implant is a device that assists people with profound hearing loss to gain some ability to hear.  

  • Nearly half a million people have received these implants to date.

  • The current design is significantly limited, enabling people to hear only in the high frequencies.  Many sounds, including the human voice, are often distorted.

  • Currently, the implant is only inserted partially into the cochlea.  

  • Our design will vastly improve the quality of sound for patients by enabling them to hear all frequencies in the natural human hearing spectrum.

  • Our implant, using nanotechnology and graphene, will be inserted into the cochlea through its entire length and will enable finer discrimination of frequencies, remarkably enhancing sound quality.

Check out our video about CochleA.A.I.R.

Structure of the Human Cochlea

A Revolutionary New Cochlear Implant


By Clarité

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